Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We have become a nation of whiners -- at least in our politics

President Barack Obama wanted to tell the nation's school children to work hard in school, do their homework and take responsibility for their own education. And that became controversial.

Of course, it took right-wing talk radio to stir up the complainers, suggesting that Obama was going to turn their kids into miniature communists with his do-well-in-school per talk. And this passes for political debate in our country?

Can you imagine the parent who will tell their kids that they can't see the president talk about doing well in school because it might indoctrinate them into some subculture of being an academic all star?

I'm stunned by the lack of intolerance in our country. But what's more stunning is the people complaining don't disagree with the message. They just don't like the fact that Obama is delivering it.

What would be the reaction on the right-wing talk shows if Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich gave the same school speech that Obama gave on Tuesday?


  1. You are exactly right on this one. . . This is a manufactured controversy aimed at keeping the sagging radio ratings from dipping any further.

  2. These right-wing complainers would criticize Obama no matter what he said. Many of us listen to lunatics on the radio and take their opinions as gospel because we are too lazy to think for ourselves. It's no wonder we can never make any positive changes in our nation. We let a small circle of small-minded people sabotage everything good. May Americans find it is easier to complain than to actually work towards a solution to the problem.